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City of Edinburgh Council, Review of Childcare Support Funding (2013)


A options appraisal and consultation with parents/carers to inform the future deliery of childcare support funding to assist families in the greatest need across the city; mapping existing services, consulting parents/carers on the best ways of delivering support, evaluationg a range of options for future service delivery and the likley economic impact. http://www.joinedupfor jobs.org.uk/media/285515/cec_childcare_review_-_parent___carer_consultation_report.pdf 


Community planning

Community Alliance Trust (CAT) (2010- 2014)

Consultation and collaboration with the local community to develop a community based company to take forward new social enterprise initiatives in the Craigmillar area of Edinburgh.The Trust has gone on to run a Climate Challenge Funded Energy Advice Project and set up a thrift shop - the Green House which now employes a part time manager.CAT has gone on to set up a trading subsidiary Community Alliance Trading Enterprises (CATE) and has just opend the White House Kitchen - a community cafe specialing in healthy eating. It also pffers accomodation for let to groups. CaskieCo has worked with the trust providing business input and planning over the last four years. http/www.communityalliancetrust.org.uk

Craigmillar Castle Regeneration Group (2009/10)

A feasibility study and community consultation for a new facility to be run by the community as a social enterprise, development of a business plan, establishment of a community based and owned company with charitable status to take the venture forward


Burnfoot Community Futures Childcare Facility

A feasibility study into the viability of a childcare facility for a community in Hawick followed by a business plan/case for the housing association taking over the project


Joint Health Improvement Plan consultation events for Scottish Borders Council and NHS Scottish Borders

A series of community consultation events to measure progress towards health improvement targets across the Scottish Borders


The Trojan Project

With the TASG Agency a project to consult excluded young people for their views on educational policy matters for the Scottish Government


Business Planning & Feasibility Studies

Bridgend Inspiring Growth (2013-14)

An options appraisal to assess the most appropriate way for the community group to plan taking over and running a disused farmhouse building owned by the local authority. This was followed by a feasibility study into the preferred option and a first stage business plan. We also worked with the group to prepare and submit a bit to the local authority for the transfer of the asset to community ownership with a view to running it as a social enterprise - Learning, Eating and Exercise Centre.  http://www.bridgendfarmhouse.org.uk/

Community Alliance Trust - The White House (2012-14)

A feasibility study for the White House as a community hub.  Preparation of tender documents and supporting material to secure preferred bidder status for Community Alliance Trust in taking over the lease of the White House. Preparation of a business plan and support whilst negotiating the handover of the the building. Collaboration on the opertaional planning and delivery of the project.

Community Alliance Trust - The Green House (2012)

Feasibility Study for the setting up of a thirft shop as a legacy for the Climate Challeng Funded project. Thrift shop opened in July 2012 and now supports a part time manager and a team of volunteers.

Central Scotland Forest Trust (2010)

Preparation of a business plan and funding applications (BIG Lottery/Climate Challenge Fund) for a social enterprise/allotments project in Motherwell

Frontline Fife and a consortium of homelessness projects in Fife (2010)

 Market research into a number of business ideas with a view to identifying the most appropriate social enterprise opportunities to be developed

The Bangholm Project (2010)

A feasibility study into four local organisations coming together to redevelop Trinity Rugby Football Club into a community hub building to meet their needs and run as a social enterprise

Burnfoot Community Futures Childcare Facility

A project development and business planning phase following the feasibility study 


Centre of Health and Wellbeing

Market research into possible case studies and potential market for this new social enterprise to improve health and well-being

The Charity Hub  with Haldane Associates

A major feasibility study and outline business plan for a Charity Hub to process recycled items. The Hub would be run as a social enterprise by a partnership of three organisations. Included a feasibility study, partnership arrangements and a business plan 


St Johns Church Social Enterprise Development

A feasibility study into the viability of extending the church building and running it as a social enterprise holding events and letting space 



Glasgow Housing Association (2010)

Evaluation of Neighbourhood Youth Diversionary Projects in collaboration with Hexagon Research

Into Work (2009)

Evaluation of employability programme

Public Sector Academy Review

A review of the Public Sector Academy's first year of activity with recommendations for future development


Women Onto Work

A review of the Penumbra course pre employment course for women with mental health issues and the Bridges course for young women in challenging situations. We have also provided coaching for the women on the Stage II Enterprise Course 



Borders Production Unit Review

A review of the programme with the TASC Agency with recommendations on how out puts could be improved and a social enterprise developed

Deal Me Into Work courses

Evaluation of the City of Edinburgh Council's Deal Me In programmes pilot and Deal Me In for Community Wardens 



Centre of Health and Wellbeing

Contribution to development of activities and governance structures


ETUC - Support@Work Project


Design and develop a project in collaboration to identify new sources of funding and activities




Microcredit Programme

Individual mentoring - to a range of clients on a personal basis or through their employers

Business mentoring - to new start and existing businesses looking to develop new markets, improve their business practices or change direction. We also provide mentoring for the Chamber of Commerce Business Mentoring Programmes for social enterprise and business start-up